Nathalie Greenan
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Nathalie Greenan (female) is professor in economics, member of LIRSA and CEET at Cnam and of the research federation on work, employment and Public Policy (TEPP, CNRS). She leads scientifically the research programs “Organisational changes, work and employment” in Cnam-CEET and “Policies of organisations” in TEPP.

Her main interests are in the theoretical and empirical study of changes within organisations, their economic performance and their consequences for employees and on the labour market. She led the scientific development of a linked employer employee survey carried out by national statistical office on organisational changes and computerisation. At the European level, she coordinated the MEADOW FP6 project (, which brought together a multi-disciplinary consortium of 14 partners in 9 European countries with the goal of producing recommendations for a harmonised European survey on organisational changes by private and public employers, and their economic and social impacts and she leads the French participation in InGRID (FP7 & H2020), a network of distributed, but integrating European research infrastructures that address the challenges of inclusive growth (, and in BEYOND 4.0.