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Le CNAM-CEET, France
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Located in Paris, the Conservatoire National des Arts et Métiers (Cnam) was designed from the outset to disseminate technical (and subsequently technological) innovation and scientific knowledge, as well as to promote a creative mind set. Today, the Cnam is a public scientific, cultural and professional institution with three main missions: higher professional training throughout life, research and dissemination of culture and scientific and technical information. The Cnam-CEET (Centre d’Etudes de l’Emploi et du Travail) is a multidisciplinary research program within the Cnam, specialising in academic and policy-oriented research in the fields of employment, work and social protection. Its research focuses on employment and labour market policies, organisational and technological changes, labour market inequalities and discrimination, working conditions and health, life-long learning and training. Drawing on proven expertise on both quantitative and qualitative research methods, the CEET has been involved in designing and developing statistical surveys on work and employment issues through collaboration with statistical institutes and research agencies, both at the national and at the international levels.