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Institute of Philosophy and Sociology - Bulgarian Academy of Sciences
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The institute was founded in July 2010 as the successor of the Institute for Philosophical Research, of the Institute of Sociology, and of the Centre for Science Studies and History of Science. The IPS-BAS is the main national research centre in the sphere of social sciences in Bulgaria. Among IPS-BAS research priorities are: social restructuring, social inequalities, labour market and the knowledge society: science, education and innovations. The Institute carries out fundamental and applied research, consulting and expert activities, and training of highly-qualified specialists. The multidisciplinary research benefits institutions such as the European Commission, national government and especially Ministry of Education, Youth and Science and Ministry of Labour and Social Policy, municipalities and public agencies. IPS-BAS has participated in a number of large EU funded research projects (FP 5, FP 6, FP 7 and H2020)