Dr. Paul Preenen
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Paul Preenen is Senior Researcher at TNO (SPE). He holds a Ph.D. in Organizational Psychology. His research focuses on consequences of technological innovations for sectors, labour, organizations, management, adoption, and employees. He has developed and been involved with large scale European research projects (H2020, EUFP7, Eurofound) as well as  research projects for major public and private organizations (e.g., Dutch Tax Agency, NWO, multinationals). Paul gained (inter)national policy advising and technology matchmaking experience working for the Netherlands Trade Office in Taiwan, the Dutch Ministry of Finance, and the Dutch Ministry of Infrastructure. He’s advisory member for several committees, among which the Dutch Social Economic Council (SER). His work has been published in h high quality international academic and professional journals, and has been discussed in top (inter)national media outlets. His key strength is to create impact by translating top scientific research into practical advice for policy and practice.