Wouter van der Torre, M.Sc.
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Wouter van der Torre is a researcher at TNO, Sustainable Productivity and Employability since 2010. He is an expert on subjects of workplace innovation, employability, lifelong learning and the impact of technology on work. He has successfully acquired and lead research projects for national as well as international clients in the private and public sector. Currently, Wouter is the program manager of the TNO-research program “Future of Work”. This program consists of projects about the impact of technology on microlevel (tasks, skills and workplaces) and projects to develop concrete solutions and tools to deal with the dynamic environment in which organisations operate (e.g. life long learning and competence-based job matching). Wouter is also project leader of a national survey which collects data about the sustainable employability and working conditions of self-employed persons in the Netherlands (ZEA). Furthermore, Wouter participated as an advisor in a committee of the Dutch Social and Economic Council (SER) regarding the impact of technology on the work.