WP 3 - Creating Data For The Analysis Of The Future Of Work

The objective is to further strengthen EU-projects in integrating various European data. It opens room for new, more accurate empirical assessment of relevant research question such as the socio-economic impacts of technological transformation. This WP is designed to build EU-cross country and multilevel databases, covering the last decades and using existing EU-wide harmonised surveys. More precisely, data from different sources and time periods are harmonized and integrated, allowing data-exploration at different levels (e.g. country, sectoral, and individual).

WP3 Tasks:

To build EU cross-country databases on:

  1. Technological transformation and organisational practices.
  2. On the platform economy and non-standard employment.
  3. Job, occupations, tasks and skills and their structural change.
  4. Occupational health practices and quality of working life

Leading partner:
Le CNAM-CEET, France