WP 10 - Dissemination and Impact

This WP is dedicated to disseminate, communicate, co-create and valorise our knowledge for optimal impact from the outset (see also 2.2), Measures to Maximize Impact). It ensures fast, organised, and effective dissemination of results. It makes insights, data and tools accessible to key target audiences across, during and beyond the project. This is achieved by focusing on the academic community, networks of policymakers (social policy, R&D&I), technology networks and social partners. In Section 2.2, the strategy to deal with the needs of the target groups is clarified. WP10 has as objectives to:

  • Get the main target groups engaged with the project results (A);
  • Secure enduring results of the project beyond the projects’ end (B);
  • Reach the main public with project results (C).
Contact person:
Dr. Vassil Kirov at email vassil.kirov@beyond4-0.eu