Beyond Bulletin #8
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BEYOND4.0 Bulletin #8
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Beyond Bulletin #8
                                                                                                                                                            December 22, 2022
BEYOND4.0 Final Conference, 28 March 2023

BEYOND4.0 Final Conference Will Be Held on
28 March 2023 at 9:30 in Royal Library in Brussels

​During the conference, we will present the project’s final results, and we will talk about the future of work and technology in the times of Industry 5.0. We expect more than 100 academics and stakeholders from many EU regions will take part in the event. It will also be live-streamed to a large international audience.

Please note that there is no registration deadline, but the seats are limited.

BEYOND4.0 Policy Brief No. 7
Policy Brief No. 7: Participation Income as a Model
for a Future Social Assistance Scheme

Despite enormous advances in technology and the accumulation of (financial) wealth, millions of people in high-income countries still suffer from unemployment, under-employment and lack of means to have a decent standard of life. These problems are predicted to intensify with the adoption of new digital technologies, including automation and robotisation. Recently, universal basic income (UBI) has become a popular policy idea to reform social security systems in keeping with the future needs of automatized and robotized economies. However, UBI has a fundamental weakness which can set welfare states into a downward spiral. Participation income is an alternative option that would rectify the inherent problem in UBI while still offering a more productive alternative to existing social assistance schemes.

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New Book by
Heikki Hiilamo on
Participation Income
Heikki Hiilamo's new book "Participation Income. An Alternative to Basic Income for Poverty Reduction in the Digital Age" provides the first in-depth analysis of participatory income and its potential role in countering endemic poverty and unemployment in high-income countries. He reviews the concept of basic income and specific basic income experiments before presenting participatory income as a viable alternative in the fight against poverty.

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Inclusive Futures for Europe: Addressing the Digitalisation Challenges
The volume presents the findings of recent European research on digitalisation and its impacts. It consists of 14 chapters which were were presented during the Beyond4.0 scientific conference held in Sofia on 30 September and 1 October 2021.
The contributions in this book come from 25 researchers from a number of European universities and research centres in Europe. These contributors have developed their analysis in the framework of several disciplines – sociology, organisational studies, labour law, employment relations, economics, philosophy, and future studies, among others.

Beyond4.0 publications
Project Deliverables and Publictions in 2022

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A Cocktail Of Reads

Experimenting with Unconditional Basic Income Lessons from the Finnish BI Experiment 2017-2018 - Olli Kangas

The Digital Transformation and the Future of Work(in Bulgarian) - Vassil Kirov

Firm Strategies and Managerial Choices to Improve Employee Innovation Adoption in the Logistics Industry
- Oeij, P.R.A, Hulsegge, G., Preenen, P.T.Y., Somers, G., Vos, M

The Digital Transformation and the Future of Labour (in Bulgarian) - Vassil Kirov

Humanizing work in the digital age: Lessons from socio-technical systems and quality of working life initiatives - David Guest, Angela Knox, Chris Warhurst

Organisation, technological change and skills use over time: a longitudinal study on linked employee surveys - Steven Dhondt, Michiel Bal and Karolus O. Kraan

Regional entrepreneurial ecosystems: Technological transformation, digitalisation and the longer term—The automotive and ICT sectors in the UK and Bulgaria - Chiara N Focacci, Vassil Kirov

Socio-Economic Performance of European Welfare States in Technology-Induced Employment Scenarios - Ville-Veikko Pulkka, Miska Simanainen

Reimagining the Platform Economy - Mariana Mazzucato, Rainer Kattel, Tim O'Reilly, Josh Entsminger

Public Wealth Funds: Supporting Economic Recovery And Sustainable Growth 
Dr. Josh Ryan-Collins

New Ways of Organizing: Alternatives to Bureaucracy - Herman Kuipers, Pierre van Amelsvoort, Eric-Hans Kramer

Data Justice and COVID-19: Global Perspectives - Linnet Taylor, Aaron Martin, Gargi Sharma, Shazade Jameson

How Digitalisation Must Be Harnessed To Save Jobs - Esther Lynch

AI Job Displacement Index

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BEYOND4.0 supports an inclusive European future via examining the impact of Industry4.0 and the Digital disruption on the future of jobs, business models and welfare.

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This project has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement No 822296.