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New Book: The Digital Transformation and the Future of Work
by Bagryan Malamin | 10.07.2022
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The analysis in the book is based also on recent BEYOND4.0 research.

The aim of the book is not only to analyse the processes of digital transformation on a global level, but also to clarify what is happening in a national context in Bulgaria. The first chapter is devoted to Industry 4.0. It is prepared on the basis of two examples. The first example is about the ICT entrepreneurial ecosystem in Sofia. The second is an illustration based on a study of the expected impact of artificial intelligence on creative professions. The second chapter is dedicated to the platform economy. It starts with an overview of online platforms operating in Bulgaria or engaging individuals from the country. It then discusses an example of platform work for highly skilled professionals in the information and communication technology (ICT) sector. The third illustration is of food delivery riders as an example of low-skilled online labour platforms. The third chapter examines working from home as an important element of labour development in the context of digitalization, based on evidence from recent research. It concludes with a review of selected policies and makes recommendations for stakeholders in Bulgaria.

The Digital Transformation and the Future of Work, published by Sofia University St. Kliment Ohridski Press could be downloaded at: