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Transitions Through Workplace Innovation
by Bagryan Malamin | 25.02.2022
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Transitions Through Workplace Innovation
Manifesto by Professors Frank Pot and Peter Totterdill

Investing in good jobs and employees is crucial to negotiating the green and digital transitions.

Technological innovation in the workplace is likely to fail, or fall short, unless it is combined with organisational innovation. That means high employee involvement, creation of ‘good jobs’—bringing empowerment and development opportunities—and recognition that learning on the job is as important as formal education and training.

In the European Union this is increasingly understood. Yet the 2019 European Company Survey found that only 20 per cent of establishments in the EU-27 were characterised by ‘high investment in jobs and people and high involvement’. There remains much room for improvement.

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Photo by Josh Calabrese on Unsplash