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by Bagryan Malamin | 06.10.2021

The BEYOND4.0 Scientific Conference went way above expectations: 34 presentations were held in person, 86 presenters from 22 countries took part, with 84 online and offline simultaneous attendees at the peak.

Online and offline audience was attracted by the presented papers based on the project deliverable brought by the Beyonders: Prof. Chris Warhurst, Dr. Michael Kohlgrüber, Dr. Vassil Kirov, Prof. Steven Dhondt, Dr. Peter Oeij, Chiara Natalie Focacci, Silvia Napolitano, Imad El Hamma, Prof. Nathalie Greenan and Dr. Paul Preenen.

Dr. Peter Oeij and Prof. Frank Pot ( Radboud University) were the moderators of Work Innovation sessions held within the conference schedule. The three sessions were crowded by presenters. Prof. Paul Osterman, also a keynote speaker, took part in the discussion.

The technology creates employment is the main takeaway from the conference and we would like to thank to the keynote speakers: Prof. Mariana Mazzucato, Prof. Chris Warhurst, Prof. Paul Osterman, Prof. Olli Kangas, Prof. Jurgen Howaldt and Dr. Glenda Quintiny.

Extremely important for the event was the support of The European Workplace Innovation Network (EUWIN) and the European School for Social Innovation (ESSI), presented onsite by the always-jolly Prof. Antonius Schröder.

The most significant presentations and talks which made the conference successful were given by:

Prof Chris Warhurst, Prof. Mariana Mazzucato, Prof. Paul Osterman, Prof. Olli Kangas, Prof. Steven Dhondt, Prof. Jürgen Howaldt, Dr Glenda Quintini, Dr Vassil Kirov, Andrei Popov, Atanas Hristov, Branka Andjelkovic, Tanja Jakobi, Patrick Thill, Silvia Napolitano, Nathalie Greenan, Imad El-Hamna, Dr Egle Butkeviciene, Audrone Nakrosiene, Ester Ulloa Unanue, Marcela Iglesias Onofrio, Sofía Pérez de Guzmán Padrón, Dr Ludivine Martin, Dr Laetitia Hauret, Dr Petya Klimentova, Yennef Vereycken, Chiara Natalie Focacci, Dr Joanna Morawska-Jancelewicz, Elias G. Carayannis, Marta Candeias, Nuno Boavida, Dr Rumiana Jeleva, Prof. Frank Pot, Dr Peter Oeij, Prof. Ferry Koster, Dr Ali Iftikhar Choudhary, Dr Giverny De Boeck, Ine Smits, Dr Magdalena Parcheva, Dr Paul Preenen, Ziagul Hosseini MSc, Dr Se Ri No, Prof. Tuomo Alasoini, Michiel Bal, Zsófia Riczu, Dr Christina Ambareva, Elżbieta Prucnal-Tumasz, Fanni Tamasi, Frederic Naedenoen, Marine Franssen, Dr Mariana Todorova, Prof. Mark Levels, Per Bles, Dr Michael Kohlgrüber, Clara Behrend, Dr Svetlomir Zdravkov, Prof. Andrey Shevchuk, Prof. Cecilia Manzo, Prof. Ivana Pais, Denis Strebkov, Mathilde Abel, Prof. Patrick Dieuaide, Tina Krell, Dr Gabor Melypataki, Dr Luuk Collou, Milan Wolffgramm, Koen Nijland, Dr Olga Chesalina, Dr Gabriele Wolff, Antonius Schröder, Dr Kars Mennens, Bieke Struyf, Gabriel Möwis, Mirella Schrijvers, Hans Christian Garmann Johnsen, Mr Bartłomiej BEDNAROWICZ, Mr. arch. Lubomir Stanislavov, Prof. Silvia Ilieva, Veselin Mitov

Thank you all!



As a conference follow up an e-book containing all presented papers will be published shortly.

Сpecial thanks to Ronald Dekker who replaced a sick member of our team and gave us a hand in a critical moment.