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Why Do Employees Participe in Innovation?
by Bagryan Malamin | 06.07.2021

Last month Le CNAM published a paper by Nathalie Greenan and Sylvia Napolitano: working paper Cnam-CEET "Why Do Employees Participe in Innovation? Skills and Organisational Design Issues and the Ongoing Technological Transformation". The working paper uses work led by BEYOND4.0 project


There is a recent and growing literature on the consequences of the ongoing technological transformation on skills. Most of the time it views technological progress as an exogenous shock that impacts the relative demands for labour with different skills. This chapter takes as a starting point that the technological transformation is the results of organisational choices. Hence it reviews a literature relating to what is going on upstream rather than downstream in the innovation process. In particular, it addresses how organisations take advantage of new technological opportunities to reform their designs, how they create work environments that favour innovative work behaviour and why employees engage their resources by participating to innovation.

Please click here to download the paper