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Just published in Local Economy Journal!
by Bagryan Malamin | 29.06.2021

Check the new engaging article with a long title, by the BEYOND4.0 consortium members - Chiara Natalie Focacci (IIPP) and Vassil Kirov (IPS-BAS).

The abstract:

We investigate how regional entrepreneurial ecosystems have adapted to the information revolution as a techno-economic paradigm since the 1960s. Particularly, we look at how the organization of firms and labour has changed in the automotive and ICT sectors in, respectively, the UK and Bulgaria. Findings show that, in both countries, it was the degree of cooperation between the local enterprises, research institutions and the government that enabled successful innovation in the regional clusters of the West Midlands and Sofia. The resulting ecosystems allowed, on the one hand, the already mature automotive sector in the UK to survive and, on the other hand, the newly developed ICT sector to be installed successfully in Bulgaria.

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The article is here.