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by Egoitz Pomares | 09.06.2021

More than 40 attendees already know how to understand and measure workplace transformation.

The event was held from 1 to 4 June in San Sebastian (Basque Country, Spain) under the title "Transforming workplaces through digitalisation" in a hybrid format, combining classroom and online mode.  Egoitz Pomares, Steven Dhondt and Chris Warhurst led the activity together with other members of the Beyond4.0 consortium.

The main objective of the Summer School was to offer a comprehensive training based on an intensive programme on digitalisation and automation. The event deepened the understanding of evidence-based policies with the transformative potential to shape work and well-being in the Digital Age. The school provided a stage to reflect on the state of progress of the projects. There were strands in areas such as digitisation of production, digitisation of work, skills, data sources, historical analysis and social policy. The Summer School was focused on the exchange and the debate.

A total of 22 speakers and 36 participants (21 PhD Students) from different parts of Europe and the world attended. Special mention should be made of the activities organised under the title "Engaging PhD Students", which included sessions specially designed for young researchers. Specifically in the session "Pitch the PhD" eight posters were presented.

Researchers from leading European academic and research institutions discussed all topics. Along with BEYOND4.0, other H2020 consortia such as TECHNEQUALITY and PLUS were presented with significant presentations. PARADIGMS4.0 also joined the course. In this edition the supporting networks were the European School for Social Innovation (ESSI) and the European Workplace Innovation Network (EUWIN).


BEYOND4.0 Summer School 2021 from BEYOND4.0 on Vimeo.