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Just published: Policy Brief No. 4
by Bagryan Malamin | 05.04.2021
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Policy Brief  No. 4 focuses on the impacts of digitalisation on skill needs and requirements to VET systems. Drawing on existing research, it outlines the opportunities and challenges of the digitalisation for EU skills policy, national VET systems and regional skill ecosystems. Current EU policy thinking is summarised and recommendations are also offered to support future evidence-based policy development:

  • Better recognition of the need for a combination of digital and professional skills in VET systems
  • Foster better use of advanced digital technologies and align them with pedagogical innovations in VET
  • Ensure that inclusive education is embedded in a network of service providers, with a remit to address not only skills but also the needs of socially disadvantaged and vulnerable groups in the labour market
  • Improve the responsiveness of VET systems to the skill needs of labour markets
  • Ensure the embeddedness of Education/VET 4.0 measures in systemic approaches
  • Improve the evidence base of policies on Education/VET 4.0

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