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HOT: BEYOND4.0 Policy Brief #3
by Bagryan Malamin | 16.12.2020

Policy Brief #3 focuses on the impacts of the digitalisation of work via platforms, sometimes called ‘platform work’ and delivered through a business model often referred to as ‘Uberisation’. Drawing on the existing evidence base, it outlines the opportunities and challenges of this work. It then summarises current policy thinking before recommending that future policy development should:

  • Recognise that different types of platform work exist with different terms and conditions, and with different needs and outcomes        
  • Recognise that employment, not just business relationships, exist in platform work      
  • Mandate social dialogue between platform companies and the providers using their platform
  • Ensure that market monopoly by one business model is prevented and other business models are encouraged              
  • Promote regenerative rather than extractive use of labour
  • Ensure that better EU data on platform work is generated 

Policy Brief #3 is here