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Connecting streams of workplace innovation
by Bagryan Malamin | 10.06.2020

Peter Oeij & Paul Preenen's (TNO) presentation at XXXI ISPIM Innovation Conference

Workplace innovation is enhancing innovation via employee engagement. This workshop intends to connect different international streams that deal with related issues. One Australian-SE Asian stream has as point of departure an individual behaviour construct to understand WPI and innovative behaviour; another EU stream sees WPI strongly connected to organisational conditions and modern sociotechnical thinking; and a third Australian-UK stream tries to connect individual and organisational approaches with the notion of work design and SMART work. A fourth Korean stream studies working conditions in manufacturing that are conducive to WPI. A fifth stream investigates the implications for WPI from the cooperation between people and intelligent machines like robots in Japan. What are commonalities and differences and how does that help innovation in general?